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Water storage system - Taishan hotel holding pool

In order to allow customers to eat more assured and more delicious fish, you can buy from the market back to the fish first in the temporary holding pool for holding, so that you can better observe the fish have no disease health is not healthy, if found to have Healthy fish can take timely measures to prevent the inflow into the table, but also can make fish taste better. Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with a hotel in Taishan to produce a set of aquaculture circulating water system suitable for the hotel. The system has multi-level filtration and disinfection, so that the water quality can be recycled repeatedly and more has been solved. Due to the high problem of water quality, and therefore a greater degree of loss due to the high mortality rate of fish, the system can more effectively improve fish survival with better control of water quality and also reduced Water damage to the fish caused by the damage with the cumbersome work more water conservation.

System technical parameters: with ozone one machine, protein separator, composite biocidal processor three kinds of equipment, system energy consumption 1.55KW.

Hotel site holding situation: