Large-scale indoor recirculating aquaculture system in Africa

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Circulating aquaculture system

With the development of aquaculture industry towards the modernization level, factory recirculating aquaculture system, as the key development direction of aquaculture modernization, has been attached great importance by scientific researchers and fishery production departments. In-depth research has been carried out on aquaculture technology, water quality control and purification treatment, and great progress has been made. Some technologies have been disseminated all over the world. And implementation.

Congo is a country across Central Africa, rich in mineral resources and water resources, unique natural conditions of agriculture, backward development of mining economy and maintenance of development by imports. Most power plant equipment is seriously damaged, transmission and transformation equipment is aging, coupled with backward technology, many water resources can not be well developed.


Large Indoor Field Equipment in Congo, Africa

Smooth negotiation:This case is a Congolese customer of a large-scale industrial indoor water recycling system. Customers said that they are in great demand for aquaculture at present. They are quite good in the industry market. In addition, they have some experience in aquaculture. They want to expand and update the equipment and improve the production equipment, so they purchased a more comprehensive water recycling system from our company.

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The technicians went to Congo to discuss the plan with their customers.


Optimal scheme:In August 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Trade of our company sent a message: Congolese customers from order to equipment deployment, customers told us: "The policy of fishery and aquatic resources protection has been vigorously supported by the state, human beings have serious decline in aquatic biological resources or serious ecological desertification waters, as well as their cultured seedlings supply, proliferation effect is obvious, and fishermen benefit greatly from species." The demand for fishery market is huge, and they are very optimistic about the future prospects of this industry. They decided to buy our equipment and hope that the success rate of production equipment will be the highest.

After more than half a year of negotiation, our foreign trade staff actively cooperate with customers and follow up step by step, providing three schemes for customers to refer to. Finally, according to the actual situation of customers, we choose an optimal scheme.


Plane diagram of aquaculture system-System parameters: The system is equipped with the intelligent control system of the latest fishing assistant, which realizes remote monitoring and operation visualization. All equipment control can be controlled by touch screen, throwing off the switch control of the system, so that the system runs more stably and operates more conveniently. To achieve remote multi-person monitoring, if the system fails, it will call the relevant person in charge in real time. The operating power of the system is 19.3KW, and there are 20 aquaculture ponds with the specifications of 5800*1500. Conical bottom, easy to drain. The designed culture density of each pond is about 3500 KG. The annual output can reach about 140 tons. There are many intakes and outlets, so that the sewage from the aquaculture pond can be discharged in the fastest time. Four circulating pumps are equipped to ensure the flow rate of the system. The system no longer uses the traditional biological pool. The biological system is modularized to reduce civil construction, facilitate management, and equipped with carbon removal equipment. Moreover, in such a large aquaculture system, only one person on duty is needed to manage the farm, and the rest is handed over to the equipment, which greatly reduces the cost of labor and the losses caused by manual negligence.

Successful signing of the contract-After the implementation of the plan, our company successfully signed a contract with Congolese customers, and rapidly produced the equipment according to the scale. After one month's production, we finished all the equipment production, immediately contacted the loading personnel, shipped the goods in a short time, and technical personnel assisted in installation.


After the system equipment arrives at the site, we will send technicians to the site for guidance, installation and commissioning services as soon as possible. During this period, our technical team's wisdom and experience are tested very much, because what accessories are needed can not be purchased on the local basis, and we need to find ways to adapt or from the domestic air transport spare parts in the past, from the beginning to the acceptance, our technicians accompanied the whole journey, customers expressed their satisfaction with our service attitude and equipment quality. It's also hard for your companions of China Airlines to take responsibility and pay, nearly 40 days or so, when they come back, they all become half black. This can be successfully completed, but also inseparable from customer support and on-site installation personnel, especially the translator. Here's a compliment for you.


What did you find during debugging?

The electronic control box has many operation modes: automatic, manual and stop. This time, our Guangzhou China Airlines has used intelligent remote control system, which greatly guarantees the normal operation of this large-scale aquaculture system.

In the process of debugging, technicians used many times to simulate the possible failure situation, each time they could receive alarm reminders in real time, which improved the customer's due security and greatly improved the efficiency of the farm.

The system equipment includes:Automatic Rolling Mini-filter、System Intelligent Control Cabinet、Water quality monitoring system、Ozone integrator、Oxygenerator、Fan、Dissolved oxygen cone、Water circulating pump、Protein skimmer、Floating Bed Biofilter、Compound degassing sterilizer

Pure oxygen system is a kind of farming machinery which can effectively improve solubility and yield. At present, it is one of the standard systems for realizing high density aquaculture in factory recirculating aquaculture system.

The system is not only environmentally friendly but also energy-saving. It is of great significance to reduce water pollution, improve aquaculture process and improve the utilization rate of aquaculture water. Customers already have some experience in farming, coupled with this large-scale purchase in our company, I believe that in the near future there will be different benefits. We also look forward to the customer's next farm, which is currently being planned and designed.

We have been committed to providing a safe, healthy and efficient new aquaculture model. We have always adhered to the enterprise spirit of customer first, quality first, dedication and innovation, solidarity and cooperation, honesty and gratitude. The successful completion of the African Congo indoor recirculating aquaculture system has given us great support and affirmation, and we will continue to work hard.

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