From inexperienced to stable operation of aquaculture systems - Successful transformation case


Suzhou is a city with a long history. Since ancient times, Suzhou’s economic status has been very high. Tourism and traditional industries have developed, attracting most bosses to invest in Suzhou. One Taiwanese boss who came to invest in Suzhou originally engaged in the electronic parts industry. However, due to the great competition in the electronic parts industry, the deficits have been insufficient, and aquaculture has developed rapidly in recent years. Many factors have allowed him to choose to transition to the aquaculture industry. For him just involved in the aquaculture industry, in this regard can be said to be inexperienced, and the traditional aquaculture requires a certain breeding experience, but also to engage in infrastructure, too complicated. After careful consideration, he finally chose the factory-based aquaculture system for aquaculture.

After comparing with many circulating aquaculture equipment production companies, the boss finally chose the company. Our technicians put forward appropriate breeding plans and suggestions in combination with his breeding situation, and after final communication with him, he finally determined Farming equipment program. For him to configure a set of standard circulating aquaculture small system, the small system can be used directly after purchase, do not have to do civil engineering, from the time of the order to start using a month or so can be used, the time is very fast. And no one can use the breeding experience, it can be said that the recirculating aquaculture system solved a big problem for him. The equipment included in this small system is an automatic drum microfiltration machine, a circulating water pump, a protein separator, an ozone machine, a residual ozone remover, a floating bed biofilter, a fan, a composite degassing and sterilizing processor, an oxygen generator, and a solvent. Oxygen cone, temperature control, water quality monitoring, swirl filter.

The recirculating aquaculture system enters the aquaculture water into an automatic microfiltration machine, and after purification and filtration of the equipment, it flows to the protein separator to remove soluble suspended pollutants such as proteins, and the ozone integrated machine continuously generates ozone to sterilize the aquaculture water. After treatment, the disinfected water passes through the residual ozone remover, removes residual ozone, and then undergoes bioreactor biological treatment of the floating bed. After the composite sterilizing processor starts to remove organic compounds such as carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and the water body, the UV disinfection is performed simultaneously. After oxygenation and temperature regulation, the water is returned to the farm.

This small breeding system mainly breeds seawater grouper, and the breeding density reaches 50-60KG. The client stated that the rearing will appropriately increase the breeding density according to its own breeding conditions and further expand the farming scope. With the support and assistance of Guangzhou Zhonghang, the customer has been able to operate the aquaculture system stably from no experience to now, from vacant plants to small farms, and finally realized a modern new high-tech breeding model - industrialized recirculating aquaculture.