CPS series of protein separators

CPS series of protein separators


CPS series of protein separators

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The product description:

Protein separators can be protein and other organic matter is not mineralized into amalgam and other toxic substances before it has been removed to avoid the accumulation of toxic substances in the water body, and can remove the humus to increase the degree of water clarity, remove the organic acid stable pH , In addition can also increase the dissolved oxygen, reduce COD, for the function of biological filter to provide favorable conditions.

The product features:

(1)CPS series of protein separator is our latest research and development of patented products, the use of PEI potential energy intake technology;

(2)N-type water flow multiple water vapor mixture cutting technology, resulting in rich and delicate bubbles, can effectively remove more than 90% of the water bait, feces, colloidal and other organic matter, reduce the biological treatment load to ensure the safety of aquaculture;

(3)Both the ozone reactor function, disinfection, sterilization, algae, while improving the protein separation effect.

(4)Foam sewage using straight row structure, no cleaning, water conservation, practical, environmental protection;

(5)The product structure without fault design, maintenance-free, simple operation, long service life;

(6)Increase the secondary utilization of odor recovery power, so that the use of ozone to maximize waste reduction;

Third, the technical parameters:

Technical parameter