Zhonghang circulating water RAS100 system shipped to Saudi Arabia today


Spring flowers, everything recovery, heaven is clear and clear, spring outing. Tomb worship, miss the old relatives, flowers and wine, slightly filial piety. The dead are like this, the living should cherish, convergence of grief, enjoy the spring. Cold food to fire, clear eyes clear heart, insert willow drive epidemic, heart wide body health. Tomb-sweeping Day comes to clear the bad luck, understand the true meaning of life.

Qingming season rain, near the Qingming days are cloudy with rain, but this can not hinder the shipment of AVIC, this time two cabinets sent to Saudi Arabia, the customer purchased RAS100 whole system equipment in Guangzhou AVIC. Thanks for the trust, thanks for the strong support.

This system list includes:

Stainless steel drum microfilter, protein separator, ozone machine, floating bed biological filter, degassing sterilization processor, roots fan, stainless steel submersible pump, oxygen generator, dissolved oxygen device, ultraviolet sterilizer, control electric cabinet, black brush and other equipment;

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