Japanese customers have repeatedly purchased zhonghang recycling aquaculture equipment successfully


Japan is a typical island country, located in the east of Asia. Its territory is composed of four main islands, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu, and more than 6,800 small islands, with a total land area of about 378,000 square kilometers. Due to the shape and arrangement of the islands themselves, the territory of Japan also presents a long and narrow shape.

Japan is located in the east of the Eurasian continent, is a narrow island country. At the same time, Japan is a mountainous country, most of the mountains are distributed in the center of the islands, showing a ridge, and the mountainous and hilly area of Japan occupies about 71% of its total area. Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan. Most of Japan has a temperate monsoon climate, but the southern Okinawa region is subtropical, and Hokkaido has a sub-cold zone. Overall, Japan's climate is very mild, and the precipitation is abundant. Japan is a typical island country, surrounded by not only rich Marine resources, but also a large number of fishery resources. Under these conditions, the fishing industry in Japan has also developed rapidly. First of all, Japan is close to Hokkaido fishery, fishery resources. Due to the influence of the Japanese warm current and thousand island cold current, the density of the sea around the Hokkaido fisheries changed, the density of cold water sinking, and the density of smaller warm water rise, and seawater agitation, floating water to seabed organic matter to the sea, the plankton flourish, provides rich bait for fish. In addition, the confluence of the cold and warm currents also forms a natural barrier in the sea water, limiting the activity of fish, thus making the difficulty of fishing greatly reduced, and these reasons also make the Hokkaido fishery the largest fishery in the world. Moreover, due to its very small territory and limited arable land resources, Japan is relatively scarce, in the long history of Japan, fishery has gradually replaced the farming industry and become the pillar industry of Japan. The development of the fishing industry also promotes the development of the fishing technology in Japan. The two complement each other and develop and progress together.

This time the customer bought back 60 stainless steel dissolved oxygen tanks, mainly used for breeding seawater fish, here we also wish your company a better and better development.

The dissolved oxygen tank is designed for aquaculture, especially high density factory aquaculture. The dissolved oxygen tank itself does not have the function of producing oxygen, it is just a container of mixing oxygen and water. Due to the special structure, at the same time, with the help of positive and negative pressure (atmospheric pressure) working mode, the oxygen can be fully dissolved in water. That is, at the same time using the intake device to add oxygen, so that oxygen in the dissolved oxygen tank fully mixed, the water is directly high oxygen water.

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