Successful delivery of Niger's factory circulating water system


Today, Guangzhou Air China ushered in the delivery of Niger. Our company is actively responding to the construction of all roads, building a recycling water system with Niger customers and achieving win-win cooperation. Niger is a landlocked country in the Sahara desert. It is at the stage of economic development and full of development opportunities. We hope to improve the efficiency of aquaculture. After comparison, we chose our company, because it is the first time to cooperate with Niger's customers. Therefore, our company strictly controls the quality of equipment, delivers the products to customers for use, and realizes the efficiency of aquaculture as soon as possible.

After several hours of loading in the morning, the equipment was shipped on time. The equipment includes a complete set of industrial recirculating aquaculture system, such as microfilter, protein separator, biofilter, dissolved oxygen cone, oxygen generator and ozone machine.

The following is the on-site shipment chart:


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