Successful delivery of Malaysian factory recirculating aquaculture system


Near the end of the summer vacation, Guangzhou China Airlines shipped again. After several hours of intense loading, all the goods were loaded and then sent to Malaysia.

It is believed that it will not take long for the equipment to reach the customers and put into use. This equipment includes a set of filter equipment in industrial recirculating aquaculture, such as stainless steel drum microfilter, automatic microfilter, control box, etc. The Microfilters produced by CAAC are made of environmental protection materials, energy saving, water saving, simple operation, and have the advantages of Anti-cleaning ability, saving manpower and time cost, can effectively remove particles larger than 80 microns, for the control of basic bacteria and water quality is necessary.

Welcome interested customers at home and abroad to consult and inspect, Guangzhou China Airlines has been committed to providing a safe, healthy and efficient new aquaculture model.

The following is the on-site shipment chart:


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