Which equipment is essential in the recirculating aquaculture system?

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The factory recirculating aquaculture system is a new type of equipment aquaculture system, which guarantees the density of aquaculture by a set of standards. It is popular with overseas aquaculture farmers. Since the 20th century, it has been very popular all over the world. In 2012, a new type of aquaculture equipment was launched worldwide. The basis of the cultivation of industrial recirculating aquaculture system is a link. In many popular words, we need to feed the function of industrial recirculating aquaculture.

Many people do not understand the concept of new aquaculture, and then choose the traditional conservative way of aquaculture, which inevitably costs more efficiency of aquaculture. However, the cost of inefficiency is very unworthy, as the saying goes, an inch of time and an inch of gold, we should pay more attention to the efficiency of breeding.

In fact, the cost of aquaculture is nothing more than linked with efficiency and money. The former requires us to work hard and choose better value to achieve the effect of low cost and high income, or just need to pay and invest. Raising efficiency is really difficult, many factories now want to breed good varieties, really need to think deeply.

Most of the time, we spend our time in a blind process of rushing to succeed. Breeding means raising children. Proper humidity control, accurate pinching, fine stocking and selection of product varieties are really simple and difficult.

Many farmers say that buying a high-priced system will make the farming successful? Is it that easy? Investment is for those who have the conditions to gain. Yes, this sentence is reasonable, but it is also not complete is the correct view, why do we want to breed. It's not just because he's profitable. To be honest with farming is a mentality, plus some skills.

When we design a whole system, we usually design it according to the need of breeding. What is the most important requirement for farming? In fact, it is nothing more than the oxygen provided by the cultured organisms and the most necessary link in the cultivation equipment, which emits ozone and crops from the organisms. Generally speaking, a whole set of factory recirculating aquaculture system for farmers, the most important thing is the density of aquaculture - oxygen enrichment equipment (dissolved oxygen, resistance box control). FishHelper's protein separator is the main product. Because of its excellent effect, many people regard it as a practical product for environmental protection. Its effect is not only in factory recirculating aquaculture. Used in the system. The single-use process of environmental pollution discharge is also heavily reused.

Aquaculture breeds need to breed water first. To control the density of fish tank, we have to choose the size. The core of a set of industrial standard system is, of course, fish ponds. The design of fish ponds is a special fish pond designed with hatching seedlings and standard size, parent fish, parent shrimp and adult fish culture. Many people choose fish ponds inappropriately, resulting in inadequate fish density or poor environmental culture, and ultimately failed to raise fish. In order to successfully cultivate fish ponds, first of all, we need to consider the material of cultivation. This is a key point, high intensity, good breeding density to ensure the basic breeding conditions. Of course, if one link is omitted from the system, it will also lead to failure. These include compound bactericidal filter, biological filter, residual ozone remover and so on.


Figure 1: Water quality of fish fry

Compound degassing and sterilization processor is an organic combination of removing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and UV disinfection of water body, which has better filtering effect. There is also the control of temperature, can achieve better results, which is to maintain the steady development of water quality conditions, the factory system equipment of these equipment will be affected. Fully automatic micro-filter float will not start, water from the sewage outlet, double-click float function are conducive to our aquaculture and washing work, often play a sewage function in aquaculture.

There are also some testing equipment, water quality meters and so on. These equipments can play a convenient role in the process of industrial recirculating aquaculture. It has a close influence on the temperature of debugging water, salt capital and PG.


Figure 2: Scene map of fish pond culture

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