Trend of human development in aquaculture

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Many people who do aquaculture know that aquaculture industry is not easy, aquaculture practitioners, do a good job in this industry, need to pay attention to all kinds of data of aquaculture, including water temperature, water quality, dissolved oxygen, PH and other elements, a little carelessness can cause irreparable losses! Aquaculture and agricultural cultivation are not the same, aquaculture for environmental data requirements and sensitivity, are very strict! Aquaculture workers have nothing to lose overnight! This is not a minority! So where will aquaculture go in the future? How can we do a good job in aquaculture? Let's analyze it!

Just said, aquaculture needs real-time attention to aquatic environmental data, including water temperature, water quality, dissolved oxygen, PH and other data. If there is a device to automate the management and control of these elements of data, then it can reduce the workload of aquaculture workers! It can even be said that aquaculture practitioners can be liberated!


Intelligent aquaculture system is a device that can automatically change and control water temperature, water quality, dissolved oxygen and PH data. Through the installation of aquaculture system, the efficiency of aquaculture can be greatly improved. So what are the specific functions of aquaculture system? This can be described in detail!


For example, the automatic control of dissolved oxygen in water, aquaculture system itself can monitor dissolved oxygen data in real time through dissolved oxygen sensor. Perhaps the system monitors the dissolved oxygen data in water below the standard value. The system can automatically control the aerator to add oxygen to the system. When the dissolved oxygen in water is monitored below the standard data, the system can automatically shut down the dissolved oxygen system. Users only need to set the standard value of dissolved oxygen in advance to realize automatic control of dissolved oxygen content in water.


Aquaculture system for aquaculture control is not only for dissolved oxygen, but also through the monitoring of water temperature automatic control of water temperature, through water quality sensor monitoring automatic adjustment of water quality, automatic control of water exchange and so on. Aquaculture monitoring system can also be used to real-time control of the corresponding feeding system, to achieve automatic feeding!


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