What facilities are included in the aquaculture circulation system?

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Industrialized aquaculture is the inevitable trend of aquaculture industry. Recirculating water is used for aquaculture, which has high density, low incidence and is not restricted by natural climate. It uses modern science and technology (including mechanical engineering, biology, mechanical and electrical engineering, modern electronic informatics, modern architecture, etc.) to produce aquaculture products with high density and centralized production. Through scientific demonstration, elaborate design and strong feasibility of operation, the ultimate goal of low pollution, generation risk, high efficiency and sustainable development of aquaculture industry is achieved.

1. Aquaculture pond: incubator and aquaculture pond.

2. Sand filter: sand tank filter, biological filter, non-power arc screen filter, automatic drum microfilter, swirl filter.

3. Detector: Water quality monitor.

4. Temperature control system: temperature control.

5. Oxygenation system: dissolved oxygen cone and aeration equipment.

6. Sterilization and disinfection: ozone integrator, ultraviolet sterilizer, residual ozone remover and compound degassing and sterilization processor.

7. Carbon dioxide remover: protein separator: NPS protein separator, CPS protein separator.

At present, the factory recirculating aquaculture system is a set of standard circulation system which is the core of environmental protection of CAAC in Guangzhou. In addition, there is a set of raw water treatment system suitable for Mariculture to ensure the safety of aquaculture water and effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in water sources.

With the continuous development and progress of China's economy, aquaculture technology keeps pace with the pace of social development, constantly expanding and innovating, we continue to introduce new farming equipment, improve the structure of innovation and design. The new resistance box is fully automatic remote control, easy to operate and maintain.


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